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Young trainer shares experience

Jordan, who has made a number of films, was keen to share his experience with new actors: perhaps a good way of taking the lead on the duo...

A little discomfort quickly dismissed

Mike has had a little temporary discomfort, and Dick, his nurse friend, gives him first aid. Guess how Mike will thank him?

Mateur in ambush

Ronaldo organized an orgy with his buddies and invited a friend who has been asking him for a long time if he could attend his meetings, simply for the fun of it...

Do you mind if I fuck you?

When Steave is with Mike, he always starts his sentences with "Do you mind if...". To tease him, Mike asks him the same question, knowing full well what the answer will be...

Cultivate my garden

Kaynzo and Ray Dixon need a little maintenance in their garden. They call on Bastian, who has skills in this area (but not only...).

Hi, are you alone?

A daddy meets a young guy in a favorite pick-up spot...

No tight briefs

It's a good idea to wear tight briefs in front of your boyfriend: it's an approach device and an eye-catcher. But it will soon become useless...

My favorite daddy Erico Mallo

I'm a student living in a maid's room. When I'm feeling a bit lonely, I call my favorite daddy (I love daddies) to come and visit me. It's a good thing he lives next door to me...

Petty theft goes out of control

Another visit that ends up on the boy's bed. Is it their fault that their search turns up inspiring objects?

An inspiring visit

A group of friends, on holiday in the Paris suburbs, pass by the Temple of Love and decide to stop in. What better way to get ideas?

Raw surveillance

Manu, a building janitor, is on a surveillance tour of his complex. In the cellars, he comes across a suspicious individual. Searching him, he immediately senses the potential and takes him into his office...