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Admittedly, the pleasure is not the same but, when in addition, one does not have cards, the choice is quickly made. Also, the downside to playing cards is that there is always a winner and a loser. Here at least, these are win-win relationships !

Not even in dreams... Purchased on 16-09-2020

Have you ever come across a partner who doesn't meet your criteria? Well, look and compare with what you would have done in this case !

The opportunity was too good ! Purchased on 19-09-2020

Rex Helix receives Lucas, his cousin's new friend, who is visiting Paris for a few days. He will show him around the owner and Lucas, so happy to have been so kindly introduced by his "step-cousin" swears, decidedly the opportunity was really good to come to his place !

A successful casting Purchased on 06-08-2020

For a successful casting, it is successful ! The casting agent is undertaken by the cast before he has finished asking all the usual questions...

Do we end up at my house ? Purchased on 23-09-2020

Public places ? For the meeting, it is essential ! But when it hangs well, you might as well end up in a more cocooned place and my partner's room is classy and puts in the mood ! Hot moment in perspective...

The way is clear Purchased on 12-06-2020

Owl ! The way is clear for kissing and no risk of a train coming to disturb our antics. In addition, the place is bucolic and it really changes the feather (for comfort must see ...).

The baptism of the new roommate Purchased on 19-09-2020

Sébastien is a newcomer to a roommate. He is greeted on the landing by the owner then, inside, in the most beautiful way possible and even if his welcome passes for a baptism it should be brought to reproduce many times: tiring but delicious the future in this roommate !

One flood can hide another... Purchased on 10-08-2020

As usual, in the event of a flood, the guard calls on a plumber to fill the gap and as a professional plumber, our friend will not only solve the problem but also create an unexpected flood...

Weekend in Sitges Purchased on 14-08-2020

These are 4 friends who decide to spend a weekend in Sitges. They will each, of course, have their own experiences but it is a slice of their common life that you will attend where you will find that they do not need the TV to occupy themselves...

Caught between two fires Purchased on 11-09-2020

To furnish his afternoon, Klaus launched an invitation on the net and rests while waiting. What he didn't plan for is that instead of having one visit, he has two. Here he is caught in the crossfire: should he resist or not? While he quickly settled his question, he is still caught in the crossfire but for a good cause this time. You will notice that the lights in question frequently change color: it's just that the cameraman invited himself from time to time in the dance...

No time, no foreplay ! Purchased on 23-09-2020

Franky recovered on the net a very good move (which he had already appreciated for his excellent performance over time ...) but this one does not have too much time and wants to go up but it will be there. 'tears. Bargain !