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In a gay sauna, the cleaning man is disturbed in his work by two customers who come to enjoy his hard work. While changing his focus, he will continue to polish. And to polish, it's going to polish!

Two fellow painters finish their pose at their workplace and spontaneously decide to extend it (a little!). The owner of the place comes to visit the site: what a good idea he had, to come by at that time.

Sébastien, in very good shape, is about to descend the stairs that separate him from Gérémy. The latter, in public conquered, will immediately congratulate him on his great artistic prowess and Sébastien, as a gentleman, will hasten to thank, in return, Gérémy for his impulses !

Exciting the glory hole! If you like to suck, you see the tail but nothing else (who is behind?) And if you like to be sucked, you only have the sensation and nothing else either and you can sit on your curiosity (at least for a while ...).

Three sexy young french boys fuck in an appartement. No need for small talks, just direct sex and lot of sperm. French gay porn.

Like heterosexuals who dream of having two women at the same time, some gay passives dream of the same thing (no, not of the two women, well you understand me !) So why settle for one guy when we can have two? it diversifies the sensations...

Three friends need to have sex and search on social networks for a good soul (and especially a beautiful one!). Tired of looking without result, they will fall back on themselves ... Of course, they know each other well and for them, it is no longer the interest of surprise but for us, yes !

When you're in a club, when you have a stage at your disposal to do what you want and on condition of being a bit of an exhibitor, of course, it is difficult to resist the temptation to show yourself on stage...

Doryann Marguet, famous porn star, practiced, for GayFranchKiss, the role of castor. We pass you the preliminaries (CV, questions, advice, etc.) to arrive at the end, because Doryann as a scrupulous student of doing well wanted to know what his porn candidate had in the belly... (or rather under the belly !)

In a strong heat, Hocine, walking, crosses a boy who asks for directions. He does not need more to offer him a drink and who knows, quench his thirst... But everyone's ulterior motive quickly became common to our two acolytes and quickly caught up with them. Finally, it was not liquid that they were thirsty (well, so little !).