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An intrusion takes place in an apartment where intimate festivities are already taking place. This gives ideas to the one who has just forced his way in...

"Nothing is worth another's hand" said a famous psychoanalyst... And since it's done with pleasure, this pleasure is yours in force!

When you don't expect anything and an opportunity presents itself, you shouldn't miss it and there, the opportunity is too good...

Our heroes are in a sauna and decide to get to know each other better on the couch. They'll soon have spectators who won't lose a crumb of their lovemaking.

Our hero of the day has decided to warm up with a dildo, but his warm-up will be very communicative to such an extent that we won't really know who's communicating with whom!

Let's water it
Let's water it

Klem and Konté work as a team on the maintenance of gardens and terraces. They are on duty and Klem, after walking around the terrace, realizes that watering is necessary. Konté does not hear him (for the moment) with this ear...

Logan Aballo and Lucas are a couple, and Logan admits to dreaming about his sweetheart last night. Why don't you two try reliving it now, together, before you forget?

In a gay sauna, the cleaning man is disturbed in his work by two customers who come to enjoy his hard work. While changing his focus, he will continue to polish. And to polish, it's going to polish!

Two fellow painters finish their pose at their workplace and spontaneously decide to extend it (a little!). The owner of the place comes to visit the site: what a good idea he had, to come by at that time.