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What if we reverse it?

Konté is resolutely active, but the desire to enjoy himself from time to time the good he does to others...

You sucker, me fucker

No surprise when the roles are well distributed: Yaya wants to be sucked and Jordan wants to be fucked... Why complicate things?

A trip to the woods?

Today, the weather is nice, it's time to go for a walk in the woods, just to get some fresh air.

My straight neighbor wants to fuck my ass

We know each other well with my neighbor. As soon as he gets the urge, he can't hold back. And he knows that when I take a nap, I leave the door open, so the guy comes straight home, takes out his big straight cock and comes to fuck my ass. Gay French Kiss video with Juan Florian and a young straight guy who likes to fuck guys' asses when his girl isn't there. Gay French porn.

Full speed ahead

Florian has decided to enjoy his leave to the fullest. And for that nothing better than to fuck... To the fullest, of course!

Such is taken...

Yes, such is taken who believed to take! Justin XXL thought he was animating his little meeting as a fucker and, under the injunctions, finally turned around like a pancake...

Enjoy your gift with me

Mike wants to give his friend Ludo a present and asks Justin to play the part of the present. Since Mike knows Ludo well, he knows that he will be invited to enjoy the gift he gives him...

Reading break

Enzo adore lire mais ce qu'il aime aussi c'est passer à autre chose de temps en temps, histoire de se rafraichir la tête. En l'occurrence, il a fait appel à son copain Guillaume qui accourt au moindre appel et adore lui faire passer un moment différent...

French black men go wild

Mike invites two friends to his house to show them the evolution of his garden. But a garden is quickly visited... What to do next?

Shooting plan at Boxboys

Two producer friends, Gayfrenchkiss and Crunchboy decide to join forces to shoot a movie, in the cellars of the Boxboys, with an actor from each production...

Doctors who take care of you

In-house doctors make daily visits to the patients. They arrive at the bedside of a patient who does not seem to be in the best of health. They are going to "look" into his case and their remedy is going to be miraculous.

Grouped shots

Mike finishes a job and his sponsors come to see where he stands. This will give him the opportunity to show them that his skills are much more extensive... And whether the targets are next to each other, on top of each other or behind each other, Mike proves to his sidekicks that he still excels in group shots.