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Tutored screwing

Quentin and Manuel come to shoot a movie but Quentin has already shot while it is the first time for Manuel. Quentin will become a tutor and will give his body so that Manuel will have a good time with his first sex tape.

Household Sanction

Romeo is about to do the dishes and complains to his companion Alex that he has not been able to restock the washing-up liquid. For any answer, Alex is going to inflict him a session which he will remember...

Games of betrothal

It starts in a cradle (not in the cradle! in a cradle) and it ends... I'll let you watch!

Doubles game

Do you know about doublette? It's a game of two teams of two players to play boules. Well, this is the same!

Household break

The production company moves to new premises and asks some actors to help with the cleaning. That will degenerate very quickly...

Fucking on neutral ground

A very handsome black man, a real muscled superhero, fucks copiously a happy young white boy who can't believe his eyes to have caught a demigod in this wild place.

Top service

Here is a plumber who can be proud: always open and always up to the challenge...

Thank you for visiting us

Jimmy passes to see his buddies and finds them in preparation of an excellent moment. Logan and Roman Tik will be pleased to invite him to their lovemaking...

Games between puppies

It is a game between Bastian Valentino who likes to be taken like a bitch and who makes his partner GregorIO lead a dog's life: nothing but conventional...

Asset valuation

Usually, in the framework of the initiations in front of the camera, the production proposes to an experienced active to make the training of a young passive. Today, it's the opposite: our expert is the passive one and it's him who will "invite" our active novice (novice in front of the camera, of course!) to show his talent.

It's very good to see you again

Rodney and Stone haven't seen each other for a while and Stone comes to visit Rodney: it will be very good to see each other again...

Preparations for departure

Romeo comes to visit a couple of friends (whom he knows very well separately) who will soon leave for a very formal visit to the parents of one of them. Romeo will, in his own way, wish them a good trip...